Green Loan

Invest in your apartments, save energy and benefit a GRANT up to 20% of the loan amount.

Fondi BESA provides Green Loans for all of you who want to improve the living conditions, by investing in your apartments, focusing on energy efficiency and energy saving.

Green Loan – GEFF is a loan product under the Loan and Cooperation Agreement between Fondi Besa and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, aiming at promoting investments in the green economy in apartments in Albania through financing an amount of 3,000,000 Euros in this sector for a 3-years period.

For each investment made by the client, in compliance with the specifications and requirements of this loan, the client will benefit a grant of 15 – 20% of the loan investment value.

What can you finance with the Green Loan?


  1. Insulation of walls, roof and floor
  2. Windows, doors and insulating glasses
  3. Furnace/ Gas Boiler
  4. Heat pumps
  5. Lighting
  6. Furnace / Biomass Boiler
  7. Solar collectors for hot water
  8. Solar photovoltaic systems
  9. Balanced mechanical ventilation
  10. Reservoirs, accumulators for hot water.

Terms of “Green Loan” – GEFF


  • Up to 25,000 Euro, converted to Lek by exchange rate Euro / ALL (as referred to Bank of Albania) the date the loan agreement with the client is signed.
  Duration Up to 5 years (60 months)
  COMMISSION 1-4% depending on the duration of the loan
  COLLATERAL  Mortgages, Securing Loans, Guarantee, Bails according to the loan duration.
  LOAN  REPAYMENT   Depending on customer preference:
• PMT – equal installments for the entire repayment period
of the loan.
• Declining – The interest is calculated on the remaining principal amount
and the loan installments decrease.


How can you profit the grant ?

Once you have installed the technology in your apartment, please contact the Besa Fund Office in order to apply for a Grant.

For this you have to submit the bills of the invested technology or product and within one month, your investment will be verified and after that the 15% or 20% Grant will be transferred to your account

This project was created by GEFF and EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and supported by the European Union, the Federal Ministry of Finance, and the Western Balkans Investment Framework for financing the Technical Cooperation Program.


The Green loan will bring benefits such as:


  1. Reduction of monthly energy bills
  2. Improvement of living conditions
  3. Increase in house value
  4. Reduction of environmental pollution