Bank Guarantee Agreement signed for lending to Fondi BESA sh.a. in support of the growth and consolidation of its activity

In the framework of cooperation with various partners and donors, today, December 6th, 2019, Fondi BESA sh.a. and Rural Credit Guarantee Foundation-Albania signed the Agreement to issue Fondi BESA a Loan Agreement Guarantee for loans from commercial banks.

A loan guarantee up to € 5,000,000 or the equivalent in Lek is a secure guarantee of any loan agreement that Fondi BESA sh.a. will sign with commercial banks operating in Albania.

The purpose of the guarantee is to facilitate the lending of Fondi BESA Sh.a to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, with an increased focus on the agricultural sector and rural areas. This will contribute to promoting growth and employment in Albania, particularly in the agricultural sector. Through this Agreement, Fondi BESA, as a leading Microfinance Institution in Albania, aims to expand and efficiently use all available mechanisms to meet its needs in order to realize its ambitious targets for expanding its activity.