Fondi BESA backs sport by sponsoring Cup of Albania in Bodybuilding and Fitness

The Albanian Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness organized on May 04, 2019 at the Hall of Tirana University of Arts the Cup of Albania in Bodybuilding and Fitness 2019. Attending this important event were 46 sportspeople from different Albanian cities.

Likewise there was the biggest participation ever of sportswomen divided into 7 categories, who by their performance added more values to this sporting spectacle, becoming an inspiring example for other girls. In the bodybuilding category it is worth mentioning the big and qualitative step of sportspeople, who constitute the basis of our national team in international activities.

Under the ongoing support of Fondi Besa for the development of arts and sport in Albania, it was not difficult for us to say yes to this sponsorship, considering that bodybuilding is among those sports that require devotion and determination, values that take an important place in our institutional culture.

Fondi BESA will continue to support important activities of culture and sport given that social responsibility is one of our priorities, becoming an example for business sensitization in support of culture and sports in Albania.