Fondi BESA sh.a. is awarded with the prize “ARCH OF EUROPE FOR QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY” in Gold Category

On June 27, 2011, in Frankfurt, Fondi BESA sh.a was awarded from the Business Initiative Directions with the special prize “ARCH OF EUROPE FOR QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY” IN GOLD CATEGORY for immeasurable contribution to the business world, for high standing and professionalism demonstrade by prestigious performance.
Fondi BESA is aware that the quality is a development factor that makes the institution more competitive in the market. In this aspect, the institution is committed to publicizing this Quality Culture with employees, partners, clients and donors, supported by the QC100 Total Quality Management Model, the principles of which are the following:

1. Quality is a consequence of valuing customer satisfaction and obtaining positive business results.
2. Meet the quality levels established in the company in accordance with the QC100 Points of Quality.
3. Encourage participation and teamwork for decision making.
4. Satisfy the needs of our clients and meet their expectations.
5. Provide human resources, both technical and economic, to achieve continuous improvement and respect for the environment.
6. Manage human resources in our company to achieve the maximum potential.
7. Make employees aware of the importance of concentration on the most profitable areas of activity, to achieve the best business results.