• Do you want to make an investment in EURO?
• Do you have your income in EURO?
• Does your business conduct transactions with international companies?


Fondi BESA offers you loans in EURO currency!

This is to facilitate the investment and loan repayment process by reducing the exchange rate risk the client mightface.
The client will have no change in the loan installment even if there is fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate.




  AMOUNT   Up to 40,000 EURO
For special cases Fondi BESA considers disbursing loans to the amount more than 40,000 EURO
  TERM   Up to 8 years (96 months) for amounts up to 40,000 EURO
Up to 10 yars (120 months) for amounts over 40,000 EURO
  FEE   1-4% according to loan terms
  COLLATERAL   Mortgage, Lien, Pledge, Endorsement depending the loan term and
  REPAYMENT Depending on client preference:
Flat – equal installments for the whole repayment period.
Declining – Interest is calculated on the remaining amount of principal.
  INTEREST   Interest rate is consistent with:
• Loan amount and terms
• Collateral to be used as a guarantee for the loan
• Number of loans the client has benefitted

For further information and loan examples with effective interest please download the Leaflet


Example :


Amount of LoanMonthly installment Term (months)


Figures are approximate. For accurate figures, you need to get the right information at your nearest office of Fondi BESA in your city.

Please download the Standardized Pre-contractual Information Leaflet



Fondi Besa njofton të gjithë klientët e tij se gjatë vitit 2019 kanë skaduar kartat e identitetit apo Pasaportat, të cilat janë lëshuar gjatë vitit 2009. Të gjithë klientët e Fondit Besa që janë pajisur me Karta Identiteti apo Pasaporta të reja janë të lutur të paraqiten pranë zyrave të Fondit Besa për të bërë ndryshimet përkatëse ne dokumentacion.


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