• Are you interested to expand your farm?
• Are you interested to construct a greenhouse, to purchase seeds or new modern agriculture machineries?
• Do you want to increase the number of livestock or to process the livestock products?

Fondi BESA offers the best solution through the agriculture loan ”BESA AGRO”

With the agriculture loan, you will decide yourself how much you want to repay monthly. The application procedures are simple and transparent! Visit us in one of the nearest offices and our staff will welcome you.



  AMOUNT   The maximum loan amount is 6,000,000 ALL
  TERM   Up to 7 years (84 months)
  FEE   1-3% according to the loan term
  COLLATERAL   Without collateral up to 600,000 ALL
Amounts over 600,000 ALL:
Mortgage, Lien, Pledge, Endorsement depending the loan term and conditions.
  REPAYMENT Irregular: Based in the production cycle, this loan might be repaid in irregular monthly
installments, flexible, seasonal. The monthly repayment amount will be calculated based
on the client monthly income.
  INTEREST   15% to 20%
Interest rate is consistent with:
• Loan amount and terms
• Collateral to be used as a guarantee for the loan
• Number of loans the client has benefitted



Amount 300,000 ALL
Maturity 24 Months
Nominal annual interest 20.00%
Fee (in %) 2%
Fee (in value) 6,000 ALL
APR 29.80%