Key Operational Objectives


  • Provision of approximately 34.47 billion ALL during the next three years (2019-2020-2021). Respectively 10.49 billion ALL during year 2019; 11.45 billion ALL during 2020 and 12.63 billion ALL during the year 2021
  • Expansion of services to new Regional Branches and agencies.
  • Maintain a portfolio at risk of no more than 4% in the three forthcoming years.
  • Increasing staff efficiency with an average of 100; 110 and 122 active loans/ per loan officer respectively as end of year 2019; 2020 and 2021.
  • Building the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of other services and products, which will indicate on the improvement of the financial efficiency of Fondi BESA activity.
  • Maintaining and improving the self-financial sustainability in the three forthcoming years.
  • Maintaining indicators in accordance with the supervisory regulations of the Bank of Albania.