Rabushe, about 50, beams with pride when she shows us the greenhouses, in the nearest village to Lushnje.

“Together with my husband we started with greenhouses in our village – she says. But believe me, we thought it would be better for us and for our children to go to Greece. It was difficult to sell the vegetables in the town because there was no road and we did not a truck of our own. Our children were still young and life was not easy. We decided to emigrate to Greece, so we left everything we had here.

We worked in greenhouses in Greece for several years, but in our dreams we were back in our small house in Albania, planting our greenhouse, surrounded by friends and relatives. We missed our discussion evenings with our neighbors outside, under the trees, our laughs and children’s noise while playing in the green yard.

The children were growing and with the desire to keep the family together and with a rich experience and strong motivation we decided to come back and invest our savings here. Our savings were not enough to start a greenhouse of 3.5 dynym so we started to ask around where to get a loan. This is how we contacted Ina, the Credit Officer in Fondi Besa who was very helpful. We got the loan in due time and recently we got another loan of 1 million ALL. Last winter frightened us. It was forecasted snow, so we had to act immediately, covering the greenhouse with a second layer of plastic to protect the plants.

We asked for the loan and it was Fondi Besa that respond to our need immediately. The credit officer came to see our greenhouse and we finished the coverage before the freezing started.

I am very happy with the business. All the family works here, my husband, my sons and their wives and still we employ seasonal workers during the peak of production.

“Though it is a hard work, I still intend to employ more girls in my business – she says.”

Rabushe feels strongly about girls, because of her own struggles growing up with little money and hard work. She wants to be a role model to show girls what is possible when they persevere in education and work hard.

With her business success, Rabushe has seen a change in how she feels about herself, and her standing in her community.  She feels more confident now and more involved in the community.

Her advice to other women who want to be successful is to work hard and don’t have regrets.  “It’s you who make your life,” she says. “Success is in our hands.”



Photography Studio

“In 2007 I started working at a photographic studio to help the photographer print the photos. At that time, I never thought that photography would be my strong passion. Soon I realized that it was not just a passion, a hobby, but it was turning to be my profession.“

Nertila admits that she has been creative throughout her life. Realizing this, she began to think seriously about what she wanted to do with her life and her creative energy, and instead of standing in front of a computer in photo printing, she decided to try to make a career in photography, using the skills she had exercised by photographing her friends just for fun

“I got the courage to open my photographic studio. I’d heard that Fondi BESA is very fast in loan disbursement, so I met Entela, the loan officer, who was a great help. I needed to buy a good camera and some other studio equipment. I was happy and a bit scared at the same time. When I got the first professional camera in my hands, it was as if I was carrying a newborn baby. I had never realized how many advantages a professional camera can offer if you have imagination and desire to learn. For this reason, before opening my studio, I attended a course for professional photographers. I started to enrich my photographic knowledge and to better understand the camera and this was the beginning of my success. “

Admitting that she had no clients, no proper experience, and had no idea how to manage a real business, Nertila realized that despair was Nertila Success Story a great motivator. She began to work hard by testing multiple shoots, doing photoshop tests,photographing her family and friends until she began to build confidence in what she was doing.

“Every picture I take – says Nertila – tells a story.It’s a job that gives you pleasure and emotions. I try to transform ordinary pictures into pieces of art. Many people celebrate birthdays, marriages, jubilees, the arrival of a new baby in their life, and want to fix the happiest moments of their lives in the picture. These are memories that they will continue to preserve from generation to generation.

Success made Nertila think of purchasing some other professional equipment that were really expensive, so she had to think about a second loan. The second loan was easier for her to get.

“Now I’m not afraid any more to get a loan. When you work, you are able to pay the loan on time. The loan really helped me a lot. “

Now Nertila has hired an assistant, who helps her in the business. But Nertila mentions that it is not so easy to succeed in this type of business, because digital cameras, which are constantly improving and sophisticated, are becoming more affordable to buy and easier to use. Now that cameras are integrated into smartphones and other mobile devices we can say that virtually every man has a camera in his hand. But it’s the eye to catch the right angle, the right light, and the right moment that makes it a memorable moment.