Mission and Values

Fondi BESA mission is to contribute to the country economic growth in the urban and semi urban areas, by promoting and financing the small and medium enterprises sector in Albania. Clients of Fondi BESA are people from all socio-economic layers, including unemployed and start up businesses.


Fondi BESA has five basic values, which derive naturally from its mission and goals: Respect, Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism and Sustainability. Based on such values, Fondi BESA offers all the financial services needed by clients in the urban and semi urban areas of Albania.


Fondi BESA basis for collaboration with its partners, clients and within the institution is respect, appreciation and commitment.


Fondi BESA is committed to be honest, fair and trustworthy in all the activities carried out by the institution.


Fondi BESA bases its activity and collaboration with all the partners and customers in transparency.


Fondi BESA has gradually increased the volume of its activity paying attention to the principle that “microfinance should pay for itself, and must do so if it is to reach large numbers of poor people”. We consider financial sustainability a necessary condition to scale up to a level that allows our institution to provide microfinance to a large client base, independent of external subsidies over the long-term. In this framework, volume, qualities, efficiency, productivity, are considered the most important aspect of our activity. That is why the management and staff focus is to improve the activity performance indicators.


Fondi BESA uses the right expertise and facilities in its services to customers, and tries its best to maintain quality and provide efficient services to its customers. Dedicated and motivated employees, equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge, and best personal values drive the institution’s development.

We try to make use of such personal values in order to ensure close, flexible and result-oriented employees, who will be able to achieve personal goals and development, in line with achieving the institution’s business objectives.