Loans that support realizing your desires!

For all of you who want to renovate your home, buy new furniture, repair your car, or travel, now the decision is easier because Fondi BESA is supporting you with the Consumer Loan.

If you need funding up to 200,000 ALL for consumer needs, you can get the loan quickly and easily.

• Consumer Loans fits to your needs and requirements regarding the term and amounts.
• The loan is transferred directly to your account once the contract is signed.
• We allow you to repay the loan in advance at no extra cost

For further information and loan examples with effective interest please download the Leaflet



  AMOUNT   The maximum loan amount is 200,000 ALL
 DURATION Up to 3 years (36 months)
  FEE   1-3% according to the loan term.
  COLLATERAL          Mortgage; Lien; Endorsement
Value of collateral should be 150% of the loan amount.
  REPAYMENT     Depending on client preference:
 Flat – equal installments for the whole repayment period.
• Declining – Interest is calculated on the remaining amount of principal.
INTEREST   24.50% to 27.50% :
Interest rate is consistent with:
• Loan amount and terms
• Collateral to be used as a guarantee for the loan
 NEI 27.45% to 31.25% 


Amount 200,000 ALL
Maturity 24 Months
Nominal monthly interest 2.042%
Nominal annual interest 24.50%
Fee (in %) 1%
Fee (in value) 600 ALL
APR 30.11%




Loan AmountMonthly Instakkment Term (month)


Figures are approximate. For accurate figures, you need to get the right information at your nearest office of Fondi BESA in your city.

Please download the Standardized Pre-contractual Information Leaflet
• For further information please download Method of calculating the effective interest