• Do you want to expand your business?
• Are you thinking of buying new equipment or machineries?
• Do you have ideas and initiatives to start a new business?

You can achieve these through our product ”Business Loan”

Fondi BESA supports you to finance any income generating activity, to finalize your projects, to improve technology, purchase equipment and machineries, increase inventory, etc.
With the Business Loan, you will not face any interest rate change over the entire duration of the loan. That is, in order for you to be able to plan at the time of receiving the loan what the amount of the loan installment you will pay each month.


Criteria to Benefit the Loan:
• Customers who apply must have the necessary knowledge and experience of the activity they are applying for financing.
• Customers must own 30% of the funds needed for funding and Fondi BESA offers up to 70% of the investment value.





AMOUNT The maximum loan amount is 6,000,000 ALL
For special cases, Fondi BESA considers loans over  6,000,000 ALL
DURATION Up to 10 years (120 months) for amounts up to  6,000,000 ALL
Up to 10 years (120 months) for amounts over  6,000,000 ALL
FEE 1.5-5% according to the loan term
COLATERAL Without collateral up to 600,000 ALL
Amounts over 600,000 ALL:
Mortgage, Lien, Pledge, Endorsement depending the loan term and amount.
REPAYMENT Depending on client preference:
Flat – equal installments for the whole repayment period.
Declining – Interest is calculated on the remaining amount of principal.
INTEREST <=19% to 24.60%
Interest rate is consistent with:
• Loan amount and terms
• Collateral to be used as a guarantee for the loan
• Number of loans the client has benefitted
NEI 19.56% to 27.57%



Amount 1,500,000 ALL
Maturity 36 Months
Nominal monthly interest 1.83%
Nominal annual interest 22%
Fee (in %) 3%
Guarantee Lien

Example :


Loan AmountMonthly InstallmentTerm (months)


Figures are approximate. For accurate figures, you need to get the right information at your nearest office of Fondi BESA in your city.

Please download the Standardized Pre-contractual Information Leaflet



The following types of business do not benefit this loan:
• clubs / casinos,
• gamblings / slot machines,
• insurance agencies / services,
• political parties,
• pornographic or similar activities,
• trade and production of weapons,
• as well as any kind of activity that harms the environment

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