Vacancy – IT Specialist

Fondi BESA sh.a Lending Institution for Businesses, announces competition on vacancy notice in the position of IT SPECIALIST in the headquarters.

Main requirements for candidates in this position are as follows:

• Higher education in the field of Informatics, Computer Engineering;
• Substantial knowledge of operating systems Linux, Windows Server 2012 and newer versions;
• Substantial knowledge in Backup data systems (Tape Server);
• Substantial knowledge in basic services of Active-Directory and mail client;
• Substantial knowledge of operating systems Windows 7,8,10 and their troubleshooting;
• Substantial knowledge in the data security systems such as antivirus, etc.
• Substantial knowledge with Printers, Photocopy devices and scanners;
• Substantial knowledge of networks based on OSI model, switching, routing and wireless;
• Substantial communication capacities at work and in group;
• Other qualifications in the field of information technology;
• Preferably experienced in similar sectors, banking and financial system;
• Preferably in possession of a driving license;
• Not to have been dismissed due to disciplinary measures;
• Substantial knowledge of English as a foreign language.

All candidates must submit the following documents:

  1. Employment request
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Photocopy of University Diploma accompanied with a list of grades
  4. Various qualification certificates
  5. Professional reference from the recent employer
  6. Photographs (1 piece)

The required documentation must be submitted within October 11, 2019 and must be delivered in a sealed envelope to Fondi Besa Headquarters, located at: Rruga “Brigada e VIII”; Pallati Nr. 5 (zona e ish bllokut), Tirane.

For any other information you can visit our website and for any ambiguity you can contact Department of Human Resources & Services at the Headquarters, telephone no: 04 2253841/842.


Fondi Besa njofton të gjithë klientët e tij se gjatë vitit 2019 kanë skaduar kartat e identitetit apo Pasaportat, të cilat janë lëshuar gjatë vitit 2009. Të gjithë klientët e Fondit Besa që janë pajisur me Karta Identiteti apo Pasaporta të reja janë të lutur të paraqiten pranë zyrave të Fondit Besa për të bërë ndryshimet përkatëse ne dokumentacion.


Rinovimi në kohë i Kartës së Identitetit apo Pasaportës bën të mundur të shmangen vështirësitë në identifikimin tuaj për të kryer veprimet e nevojshme pranë Fondit Besa.