Vacancy Notice : Designer / Social Media Manager & Web Page

Fondi BESA sh.a Lending Institution for Businesses with roughly 32,575 active clients and surplos loans over 11.4 billion ALL, which has lent since the start of its activity some 71.9 billion ALL or over 208,000 loans and exercises activity in 82 offices throughout the territory of the country, announces competition on vacancy notice in the position of DESIGNER / SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER & WEB PAGE in the headquarters.


Main requirements for candidates in this position are as follows:

• High education in the marketing , business or information technology fields.
• Similar experience in the promotional field of products or services through WEB or social networks.
• Must have ability to analyze various information related to market and market research.
• Experience in the marketing and promotion field.
• Good organizational and communication skills 
• Team work abilities
• Good knowledge in Microsoft Office programs.

Other requirements :

• Maintains excellent writing and language skills.

• Design web pages 
• Must have ability to navigate web pages in order to absorb qualitative information.
• Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms, their respective participants (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.) and how each platform can be deployed in different scenarios.
• Check incoming and outgoing information using efficient methods.
• Ensure that content must be high in search engines.
• Collect information from most searched pages.
• Create advertisements in internet.
• Monitor on-line the reputation of the company.
• Manage comments in blogs or articles.
• Highlight and encourage positive comments.
• Follow up comments.
• Encourage reaction of clients and create improvement campaigns.
• Create marketing strategy for projects including the company website and social medias.
• Must cooperate with Marketing Department in the development and implementation of the products.
• Analyze data for highest campaign efficiency.
• Design, create and manage promotions and social ad campaigns, being sure to integrate with company’s overall marketing campaign plan and channels.


Necessary documents to apply for this position:

1. Cover letter
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Copy of University Degree and the list of grades
4. Training or other qualifications
5. Reference letter from the last employer
6. Personal photo (1) 

The required documentation must be submitted within May 11, 2019 and must be delivered in a sealed envelope to Fondi BESA Headquarters, located at: Rruga “Brigada e VIII”; Pallati Nr. 5 (zona e ish bllokut), Tirane. 

For any other information you can visit our website www.fondibesa.com and for any further information you can contact Department of Human Resources & Services at the Headquarters, telephone no: 04 2253841/842.