“BESA TOURISM PROJEKT” LOAN targets businesses that operate in the tourism sector or individuals that want to start up a business in this sector in the districts of Gjirokastër, Përmet, Berat and Skrapar.



  AMOUNT   15,000 EURO or equivalent in ALL
  CURRENCY   EURO or equivalent in ALL
  TERM   Up to 3 yeras (36 months)
  FEE   1% per year on the total loan amount
  COLLATERAL   Collateral is not an absolute condition for the loan approval
  REPAYMENT Depending on client preference:
Flat – equal installments for the whole repayment period.
Declining – Interest is calculated on the remaining amount of principal
Irregular: Based on the production cycle, this loan might be repaid with irregular monthly
repayments, flexible according to the seasonality. The monthly installment will be calculated
based on the client monthly revenues.
  INTEREST   15%
  GRACE PERIOD   1- 6 months only for the flat and declining repayment calendar (declining)


This loan is delivered under “BESA TOURISM PROJECT”, cofinancing of Fondi BESA and CESVI